We offer a variety of solutions
including scalable, customized programs.

We offer a variety of solutions
including scalable, customized programs.

01. FloGuard Program
Chemistry is key in the field and to consistent, accurate water treatment. We understand chemistry which is why we offer a variety of FloGuard solutions. We determine which FloGuard program is best for you by taking time to accurately sample and test your water so we can prescribe a reliable program tailored to your unique water and crop needs​.

02. Service
Our team’s 35 years of experience means we understand first-hand how important it is to have a service tech on your farm multiple times a month. It ensures proper chemical application based on actual residual demand, which is critical to your water quality problems staying solved. And it doesn’t stop there. Equipment needs regular inspection. Fields need to be walked and drip systems checked. Water needs to be sampled and tested. We get it and it’s why we take pride in being your partner and a trusted service provider.​

Sulfuric acid and FloGuard  maintenance program on young almonds

Sulfuric acid and FloGuard  maintenance program on young almonds

03. Equipment

Standard Maintenance Installations​

Our complete, automated installations mean your chemical program is being properly applied. Apollo Ag Technologies provides high-end pumps and leverages qualified electricians and welders so you don’t have to worry about scheduling work to be completed. It is another way we provide piece of mind with every drop. ​ ​

Acid Installations

Quality and safety are critical. It’s why our acid installations include sulfuric acid approved 2.2ML tanks and properly sized pumps to ensure accurate pH levels. And, if you have multiple water sources with varying pH levels, we can help by automating your system to automatically adjust the pump/pumps based on desired pH levels.

Sulfur Burners​

We understand that fluctuating costs and safety concerns make it challenging to add sulfuric acid to your agricultural water treatment program. To mitigate cost and risk, we specialize in sulfur burner installation because it is an effective solution that creates sulfurous acid at a fraction of the cost (in most cases savings pay back costs of the burner) and it is Organic Approved – making it the ideal solution to pH reduction in organic applications.


Precise fertilization is critical to growth and to your bottom line. It’s why we offer a variety of FertiFeed™​ systems engineered to precisely apply fertilizer. From basic to enhanced and deluxe, our FertiFeed™​ solutions are designed to meet your needs and can apply anywhere from 3 to 75 gallons a minute.


On/Off control with basic needle valve for dosing rate.


Designed to set and forget – simply set a target application and walk away.


Features VFD pump control with PLC touch screen control. ​



04. Irrigation Automation
To help you better manage your time while increasing revenue, we offer an irrigation automation solution that wirelessly monitors, controls, and automates your irrigation systems. A network of nodes (connected to sensors and actuators) monitor information about weather, soil moisture and historic irrigation data – the information gathered is commutated to a central gateway allowing you to monitor irrigation in real-time from anywhere (water quality information and groundwater level monitoring on wells are also available).

Floguard maintenance program on new planting

Floguard maintenance program on new planting

05. Food Safety
We know how critical it is for your products to be FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) and LGMA (California Leafy Green Marketing Agreement) compliant – it takes proper timing, with the right concentration of chemical, and frequent residual field testing to ensure compliance and prevent pathogens from reaching consumers. We take pride in our dedication to staying informed about these important compliances and are proud to leverage years of experience in Food Safety to help farmers become and remain compliant.

Wiseconn automation with valve control

Wiseconn automation with valve control

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